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Entertainment knows no bounds!

Our Variety Acts promise a diverse and unforgettable experience, ranging from the enchanting allure of Drag Queen Performances to the heart-pounding beats of Drummers and Percussion.

These acts redefine entertainment, offering a blend of creativity, talent, and showmanship that will leave your audience mesmerized.

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Drag Queen Performances

Enter the glamorous realm of Drag with Miss Uchawi, a mysterious and stylish performer known for her hypnotic magic, mentalism, and hypnosis acts. With a remarkable flair for show productions, Miss Uchawi weaves magic and poetry, leaving audiences in awe. From TEDx to national commercials, Miss Uchawi brings a touch of fabulousness to every performance.

Drummers and Percussion

Immerse your event in the rhythmic extravaganza of rePercussion, an energetic comedy drumming event that blurs the lines between electronic music, drum line, rock, and slapstick comedy. With a world record for leading the largest Air Drum Ensemble, rePercussion delivers a mind-blowing, customizable experience that engages and entertains audiences worldwide.

Specialty Acts

Embark on an adventure with our Specialty Acts, ranging from immersive Murder Mysteries that challenge your detective skills to the high-energy performances of DJ Double K and the modern musical marvel, Violinist Razzvio. Whether you're solving mysteries, dancing to electrifying beats, or captivated by the seamless blend of vocals and violin, our Specialty Acts promise an unparalleled entertainment experience.


Inspiration and Motivation

Memorable Moments

Knowledge and Growth

Variety Acts offer engaging and participatory experiences, captivating audiences of all backgrounds.The versatility of these acts ensures active engagement, making your event vibrant and dynamic.

Customize your event with our Variety Acts.From themed Drag Queen performances to interactive Drumming shows and sophisticated Specialty Acts, tailor the performances to align perfectly with your event's theme and audience preferences.

Create unforgettable memories with our Variety Acts.The unique blend of talent, creativity, and interaction ensures that your audience is left with lasting impressions, making your event the talk of the town long after the curtains close.

Our 3-step process

Step 1: Consultation

Immerse yourself in detailed discussions about your event's objectives. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your vision for the Variety Acts, ensuring every detail aligns with your goals.

Step 2: Coordination

Leave the logistics to us. We meticulously organize the setup, technical requirements, and performer coordination. From crafting the perfect ambiance to organizing interactive elements, we handle it all, ensuring a seamless experience from planning to execution.

Step 3: Performance

Experience the magic live. Our Variety Acts take the stage, delivering performances that range from dazzling Drag Queen acts to heart-pounding Drumming spectacles and sophisticated Specialty Acts. Each act unfolds seamlessly, creating an atmosphere of awe and excitement.

Our reputation

"Ya’ll over at Metropolis make us in Student Affairs’ lives so easy!"
- John Jay, College Of Criminal Justice
"Without a doubt the easiest and most reliable agency I had the privilege of working with."
- Colby, Sawyer College
"One of the best companies I've worked with while in this position."
- Randi Holguin, University of the Pacific

Our Story

Sailesh the hypnotist in a teal button up smiles at the camera.

Metropolis Management Agency stands at the forefront of the entertainment industry, offering innovative and diverse acts that cater to a wide range of audiences.

With a focus on professionalism and creativity, we transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

Meet the team
Sailesh the hypnotist facing the camera with his arms crossed and body facing to the left.

Collaborating with Metropolis Management Agency ensures a stress-free and exceptional experience.

Our dedicated team manages every detail, ensuring your Variety Acts are flawlessly executed. Trust us to bring the extraordinary to your event, leaving attendees talking about the experience long after the applause fades.

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