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Enter a realm of wonder

Experience the astonishment with our renowned corporate magicians.

From electrifying comedy magicians to mesmerizing illusionists and intimate close-up acts, we offer a spectrum of magical experiences tailored precisely to your event's needs. Prepare to be spellbound!

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Comedy Magicians

Perfect for corporate gatherings and college events, our Comedy Magicians blend humor seamlessly with magic, ensuring a lively and engaging performance that leaves audiences in stitches.

Close-up Magicians

Suited for intimate settings like cocktail parties and weddings, Close-up Magicians perform sleight-of-hand magic just inches away from the audience, creating a sense of wonder and intimacy that lingers long after the event.


Masters of the mind, Mentalists delve into the mysteries of the human psyche, delivering mind-bending performances that leave audiences questioning reality. Ideal for events where intellectual intrigue meets entertainment,


Inspiration and Motivation

Social Connection

Knowledge and Growth

Magicians have a unique ability to captivate and engage audiences, transforming events into memorable experiences that guests talk about for years.

Incredibly versatile, our magicians can adapt their performances to fit any event, from formal corporate dinners to casual college parties, tailoring their acts to match your event's theme and audience demographics.

Magic serves as a powerful icebreaker, encouraging social interaction among guests. It fosters connections, shared moments of astonishment, and enduring memories, enhancing the overall event experience.

Our 3-step process

Step 1: Consultation

Our journey starts with a consultation where we delve into your event's unique requirements. We discuss the date, location, audience, budget, and any specific themes or preferences you have in mind.

Step 2: Coordination

Once we identify the ideal magician, we handle all the booking logistics. Our team coordinates with the magician, secures their availability, and ensures all contracts and paperwork are in order, leaving you stress-free.

Step 3: Performance

On the event day, our magician arrives early to set up, preparing for an unforgettable performance. They collaborate closely with your event coordinator to ensure a seamless and magical experience for all attendees.

Our reputation

"Ya’ll over at Metropolis make us in Student Affairs’ lives so easy!"
- John Jay, College Of Criminal Justice
"Without a doubt the easiest and most reliable agency I had the privilege of working with."
- Colby, Sawyer College
"One of the best companies I've worked with while in this position."
- Randi Holguin, University of the Pacific

Our Story

Sailesh the hypnotist in a teal button up smiles at the camera.

Metropolis Management Agency stands as a beacon of excellence in the entertainment industry.

We are dedicated to connecting event planners with top-tier talent, offering a diverse roster of skilled performers, from magicians to comedians and musicians, tailored to suit your event needs perfectly.

Meet the team
Sailesh the hypnotist facing the camera with his arms crossed and body facing to the left.

Collaborating with Metropolis Management Agency guarantees a seamless experience.

Our team manages every detail, ensuring your event is graced with enchantment and professionalism. Trust us to elevate your event with the extraordinary touch of our Corporate Magicians.

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