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Step into the extraordinary world of Razz, where sonic sorcery comes to life. With her 7-string electric Viper Violin, Razz seamlessly blends violin virtuosity, soulful singing, and DJ expertise, creating a mesmerizing musical experience. Her live performances, ranging from soul-stirring solo violin recitals to high-energy DJ sets, showcase her unique talent. Endorsed by industry leaders TC Helicon, Wood Violins, Dauz Drums, and IK Multimedia, Razz crafts sonic landscapes that redefine the boundaries of music, leaving audiences spellbound.

Embark on a sonic odyssey with Razz, the maestro behind the strings, vocals, and beats. Her performances are a fusion of classical elegance and modern innovation, transporting listeners to ethereal realms. From intimate venues to grand stages, Razz captivates audiences with her diverse repertoire, seamlessly transitioning between genres. Experience the magic of live looping, where melodies multiply and harmonies evolve, creating an immersive sonic tapestry. Razz invites you to witness the future of music, a symphony beyond imagination.

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