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Get ready for an evening of pure hilarity and jaw-dropping astonishment! Tyler Korso, the comedy maestro, is here to split your sides with laughter. If you're in the mood for comedy that resonates with every funny bone, Tyler's stand-up show is your ticket to uproarious entertainment. And if magic and mystery fascinate you, brace yourself for his mind-bending Comedy Magic Show. Two incredible experiences, one exceptional entertainer!

Tyler Korso's Stand-up Comedy Extravaganza:Laugh till you drop with Tyler Korso's stand-up! His sharp wit and relatable humor transform everyday moments into uproarious comedy. Unforgettable laughter awaits in this unforgettable night of humor, where every punchline leaves you in stitches.Tyler Korso's Comedy Magic Show:Prepare to be enchanted by Tyler Korso's Comedy Magic Show! Experience a world of illusions and charismatic showmanship. Mind-boggling tricks and astonishing feats will leave you questioning reality. Perfect for those craving extraordinary entertainment. Immerse yourself in wonder and book this magical journey today!

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