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At Metropolis Management Agency, we understand the essence of summer camps – fun, laughter, and camaraderie. Elevate your camp experience with our diverse Variety Acts, Hilarious Comedy Hypnotists, and Thrilling Game Shows.

Our camp entertainment turns ordinary days into extraordinary memories.

What are popular acts?

Variety Acts

Prepare for a visual feast of talent with our Variety Acts. From mesmerizing acrobatics to mind-bending illusions, these performers bring an array of skills to your camp. Engage campers with awe-inspiring performances that leave them wide-eyed in wonder.

Get ready for hypnotic laughter with our Comedy Hypnotists. These masters of suggestion blend comedy and hypnosis, creating hilarious and unforgettable experiences. Campers become the stars of the show, ensuring laughter echoes through your campgrounds.

Comedy Hypnotists

Game Shows

Inject excitement with our Game Shows. Campers participate in thrilling challenges, trivia, and interactive competitions. From quiz-style showdowns to physical contests, these game shows foster friendly competition, teamwork, and a whole lot of fun.

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Why work with Metropolis?

Diverse Entertainment Experiences

Camp Entertainment offers a diverse lineup, catering to varied interests.

Whether it's the mesmerizing feats of Variety Acts, the laughter-induced hypnosis of Comedy Hypnotists, or the competitive spirit of Game Shows, every camper finds something to cherish.

Interactive and Engaging

Our entertainment isn't just a performance; it's an experience. Campers actively participate, becoming part of the show.

Whether they're assisting a magician, volunteering for a hypnosis act, or competing in a game show, engagement is at the heart of our camp entertainment.

Unforgettable Camp Memories

Our acts create cherished memories that campers talk about for years.

From jaw-dropping moments during Variety Acts to belly laughs courtesy of Comedy Hypnotists and the thrill of victory in Game Shows, every experience becomes a camp legend.

Our Process


Kick off the process with a detailed consultation. Share your camp's goals, and our team will recommend the perfect Variety Acts, Comedy Hypnotists, and Game Shows tailored to your camp's theme and campers' interests.


Once your acts are chosen, we handle all logistics. From scheduling and contracts to technical requirements, our team manages every detail, ensuring a seamless and stress-free coordination process. We guarantee a flawless performance for your campers.


On the day of the event, our chosen entertainers bring the camp to life. With awe-inspiring acts, hilarious hypnosis, and spirited game shows, they create an unforgettable atmosphere, leaving campers with memories to last a lifetime.

Our reputation

"Ya’ll over at Metropolis make us in Student Affairs’ lives so easy!"
- John Jay, College Of Criminal Justice
"Without a doubt the easiest and most reliable agency I had the privilege of working with."
- Colby, Sawyer College
"One of the best companies I've worked with while in this position."
- Randi Holguin, University of the Pacific

Our Story

Sailesh the hypnotist facing the camera with his arms crossed and body facing to the left.

Metropolis Management Agency specializes in transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. With a diverse roster of talent and years of experience, we elevate camp experiences, creating lasting impressions on campers.

Our commitment to excellence makes us a trusted choice for camp entertainment.

Meet the team

Choosing Metropolis Management Agency means selecting a partner dedicated to making your camp unforgettable. We prioritize camper enjoyment, ensuring every detail is executed flawlessly.

From tailored consultations to seamless coordination and engaging performances, we are committed to enhancing your camp experience.

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