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An extraordinary journey

Fall into the world of poetry and transform your event with the rhythmic power of the spoken word.

Our Spoken Word Artists weave words into mesmerizing tapestries, creating an exceptional experience that resonates deeply.

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Poetry Shows

Immerse your audience in a whirlwind of emotions as our Spoken Word Artists craft poetic narratives, captivating attendees with their eloquence and passion.


Experience the spotlight intensity as these artists showcase their unique style, leaving an indelible mark that lingers long after the performance ends.


Engage and empower your attendees with interactive workshops, where Spoken Word Artists share their expertise, guiding participants in the art of crafting compelling poetry.


Inspiration and Motivation


Knowledge and Growth

Spoken word poetry forges profound emotional bonds, leaving an enduring impact on your audience and making your event truly memorable.

Poetry transcends boundaries, appealing to diverse audiences. Spoken Word Artists create an inclusive atmosphere, ensuring every attendee feels engaged and valued.

Witness the power of words igniting change. Spoken Word Artists inspire your audience, sparking dialogues and encouraging self-reflection that lingers long after the event.

Our 3-step process

Step 1: Consultation

Dive into a dynamic conversation where we understand your event's essence. We listen intently to your vision, tailoring our poets' performances to harmonize seamlessly with your objectives.

Step 2: Coordination

Relax as we handle every intricate detail. We coordinate flawlessly, ensuring our Spoken Word Artists align perfectly with your event's schedule and theme, so you can focus on your business.

Step 3: Performance

Witness the magic unfold as our Spoken Word Artists take the stage. Their words will captivate your audience, leaving a profound impact and creating memories that resonate long after the event.

Our reputation

"Ya’ll over at Metropolis make us in Student Affairs’ lives so easy!"
- John Jay, College Of Criminal Justice
"Without a doubt the easiest and most reliable agency I had the privilege of working with."
- Colby, Sawyer College
"One of the best companies I've worked with while in this position."
- Randi Holguin, University of the Pacific

Our Story

Sailesh the hypnotist in a teal button up smiles at the camera.

Metropolis Management Agency stands as a beacon of artistic brilliance, connecting forward-thinking businesses with top-tier Spoken Word Artists.

With our wealth of expertise, we curate experiences that blend passion, talent, and professionalism. Let us transform your event into an electrifying poetic journey.

Meet the team
Sailesh the hypnotist facing the camera with his arms crossed and body facing to the left.

Collaborating with Metropolis Management Agency guarantees a seamless experience.

Our dedicated team navigates every detail, ensuring your event flows effortlessly. Trust us to bring the power of words to your stage, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and amplifying your event to extraordinary heights.

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