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Join the rhythm revolution with rePercussion! These dynamic drumming masters bring an unparalleled blend of sound, sight, and comedy. Seen on The Gong Show and America's Got Talent (for 2 seconds!), rePercussion crafts customized, high-energy performances that blur the lines between genres. Their electrifying shows have graced stages worldwide, even setting a World Record for the largest Air Drum Ensemble.

rePercussion is not just a drumming act; it's a sensational comedy drumming experience! Blending elements of electronic music, drum line, rock, and slapstick, rePercussion delivers a show that's thrilling, interactive, and downright fun. From corporate events for Dell, HP, Porsche, and Krogers to captivating showcases at APCA and NACA, rePercussion ensures each performance is unique, leaving audiences engaged and amazed. Customize your event with the masters of rhythmic entertainment!

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