Amy Burkman

Visionary Speed Painter

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Amy Burkman, based in California, is not just a muralist and multi-media artist but an executive director and master artist. Her expertise includes industrial-scale murals, canvas paintings, street art, and faux finishes. As a TedX presenter and cancer survivor, Amy's art goes beyond the canvas, contributing to the "Good Art Project" and creating impactful educational murals in West Africa.

Book Amy Burkman, a seasoned live art entertainer, for an exceptional experience. As an executive director, master artist, and TedX presenter, Amy brings creativity to new heights. Commission her for personal portraits, pet portraits, landscapes, and more. Beyond her art, Amy's philanthropy extends globally with the "Educate Through Art" program, focusing on health education in West Africa. Her speed art performances supporting endangered species and conservation efforts make her an artist dedicated to positive change.

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