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Trivia Stream

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Whether its a streaming or live show, we pride ourselves on providing a high-production value, turnkey game show experience designed to fit in your budget. From logo integration to personalized announcements, Trivia Stream can make your next event feel like it was tailor-made just for you.

  • Live and Live Stream Options

  • 100% Customizable Game Show

  • We’ll not only entertain, but retain your audience through the whole show.


Looking to get the entire audience involved? Trivia Stream LIVE is the perfect option. We’ll test everyone’s trivia knowledge while they play along using their cell phone or laptop. With over 5,000 questions (and counting), we can even design a show to meet your event’s theme. 

Between rounds, we’ll also get them up and out of their seats with some fun challenges to keep the energy going and switch things up a bit. Not great at trivia? This could be your opportunity to win a prize!

How It All Works
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We’ll create a custom school-branded landing page for you to promote your Trivia Stream event(s). Live on a school-branded Twitch channel (or Zoom/Teams), we will host five 10-question rounds of trivia with winners announced at the end of each round. As a question is asked, the quicker you answer, the more points you get; get it wrong, you lose points too, so choose wisely!

Each show lasts 60-75 minutes. Throughout the game, participants can interact in real-time with our show host via the live chat while also competing in Chat Room Challenges- providing everyone with even more ways to win prizes! After the show, all winners are verified and emailed an gift code. (You could also choose to provide your own prizes instead.)


Is there a prize package included?

Yes, our standard prize package is $300 in gift codes, which we handle on our end. If you’re looking for more, you can add to the prize total. You also have the option for us to send you the list of winners so can provide your own prizes internally.

What are the technical needs?

Players should have a reliable wired/wireless internet connection when playing on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile for the best experience. If using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), we recommend disabling that during gameplay as it can cause unintended lag.

How many people can play at once?

For live shows, Zoom, or Teams, we can accommodate up to 1,000 people. Contact us with more details about your preferred platform so we can better assist you.

What is a hybrid game show?

Hybrid events are the perfect combination of virtual and live events. For Trivia Stream, we would stream the show live to your campus event space- allowing students to meet and play in-person while saving you performer travel, lodging and insurance up charges.

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