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Home State: FLORIDA

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Metropolis Management is excited to present custom scavenger hunts. Embark on an adventure with our custom Scavenger Hunts. Engaging and immersive, our hunts are perfect for captivating the minds of everyone in attendance.

Our Scavenger Hunts are a source of unparalleled excitement and an exceptional team-building activity, fostering collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking among participants.

No matter what type of event you are hosting, our hunts guarantee an unforgettable experience. Each challenge and clue showcase your college or university's spirit, history, and values, creating a deeper sense of connection and pride among participants.

Ignite curiosity, forge lasting connections, and create cherished memories with our dynamic Custom Scavenger Hunts. Unveil the hidden wonders of your institution and inspire a sense of discovery among the bright minds of your community.

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We absolutely LOVE having you at APAC! Your shows are fantastic, and you personally are such a joy at all times. You come in and do what you gotta do and you get things done. We can’t wait to have you

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