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roderick russell

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Professional Sword Swallower, Mind Reader, Stage Hypnotist & Speaker

  • As seen in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

  • Voted Best of the Discovery Channel

  • Flynn Center for the Performing Arts Grant Winner

  • MTV Spring Break Barbados Featured Entertainer

  • Guinness World Record Holder

  • iTunes Top 50 Podcaster

  • Certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy


Professional sword swallower, mind reader, hypnotist & speaker Roderick Russell has been relentlessly touring the country for over sixteen years entertaining, presenting and speaking to audiences of all sizes.


Renowned for his exploration of what he calls “the fringe of human experience,” he’s dedicated to uncovering what makes us all extraordinary while providing unique entertainment and unusual insights into human potential. Whether you’re looking for pure, amazing entertainment to attract record-sized audiences, or to experience a unique educational lecture performance or keynote presentation, Roderick Russell has something to offer. Almost Psychic – Mindreading / Mentalism and Sword Swallowing at its Finest Through the use of applied psychology, misdirection and a healthy dose of good old fashioned manipulation, Roderick Russell takes the traditional skills of the stage psychic to all new, never-before-seen heights.


Though he’ll show you precisely how he’s doing it through skill and the aid of behavioral science, you’ll gasp in awe at the remarkable nature of the human mind and the limitless potential that it possesses. Using cold reading, lie detection, suggestion and persuasion, he’ll show you precisely how public your “private” thoughts really are – at least to someone that’s paying attention. Witty, amazing and unforgettable.


Comedy Stage Hypnosis – The Most Hilarious and Captivating Show You’ll Ever See A whirlwind tour of the many states of consciousness that will leave you laughing so hard your face will hurt! Mysterious, amazing and ridiculously funny all at the same time. A masterpiece of interactive comedy and hypnotic technique. Remarkably Human – The Lecture Performance / Keynote Experience An event that is part TED-style educational talk, part interactive mind-bending performance. Through personal stories, entertaining and jaw-dropping demonstrations and a life spent exploring what it means to be and become remarkable, Roderick discusses the question of what drives us to succeed and, more importantly, what stops us. Discover how fear and calculated risk can be your allies, not your enemies. You’ll learn how to turn your biggest obstacles into your most powerful tools for success – with examples from Roderick’s strange world of sword swallowing, mind reading and even mountain climbing. Simultaneously fun and profound. Come for the entertainment. Walk away with the message. Roderick is the author and host of Remarkably Human Radio: The Art & Science of Being Remarkable. His exploits have been featured on the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the Guinness Book of World Records and more. He travels nationally and calls Burlington, VT his home.

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“Roderick was a blast to host at Widener University during our Freshmen Orientation Program. He was easy to work with and really engaged our students. Everyone had an excellent time!”

Brianna Perrin,  President- Widener University 

"Roderick is very cognizant of what those hypnotized are doing, ensuring that they don’t walk off stages, hurt anyone around them, and keep themselves appropriately clothed.  He and his staff are a pleasure to work with.  You would be remiss not to bring Roderick to your organization!"

Dominick Anthony, UPJ University of Pittsburg-Johnstown

"Roderick was fantastic! He was easy to work with and we have heard so much positive feedback from the students and families who attended. His performance was definitely a huge success. 
Thank you so much for working with us on this event!"

Thomas College

"Roderick Russel has consistently delivered breath-taking performances to Pitt-Johnstown!  Roderick hosts a seamless performance that has audience members laughing like they’ve never laughed before!  You truly have to see it to believe it, and Roderick is one of the greatest to see it from."

UPJ University of Pittsburg-Johnstown

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