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An electric violinist, singer, producer & DJ

  • Winner of the West Coast Songwriters Award 2015 – Alternative category

  • Showcase artist at NACA West 2015, IAFE 2015

  • Performed at over 250 breweries across the US since

  • Featured artist on Women of Substance Radio podcast

  • Endorsed artist with TC Helicon, Wood Violins, Dauz Drums, and IK Multimedia


Singer/violinist Razz is a songwriter, classically trained musician, and a DJ. She performs with her custom 7-string electric Viper Violin which allows her to sing and play at the same time and encompasses the range of a violin, viola, and cello.


Through mastery of modern digital technology including live looping, DJing, and processing, she blends powerhouse vocals with her unique violin designed to build songs with the sophistication of a string quartet.

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