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Imagine an artist successfully bridging stand-up, music & poetry! That's OVEOUS!

  • 3 time national poetry finalist

  • NACA Showcasing Artist

  • Apperances on HBO, ABC, NBC, Late Night TV, BET & many more.


OVEOUS embodies brilliant lyricism with a powerful performance. Perhaps his greatest strength is that he was able to turn his brother’s suicide into a global mission for mental healing and the positive uplifting of all people he comes across with through his music and words. He’s earned standing ovations on HBO Def Jam, The Arsenio Hall Show, and has been a winner multiple times on “Showtime at the Apollo”. His now classic hit song “Mirror Dance” with Osunlade still rocks the core of your soul on the dance floor. As a poet he’s earned countless national titles and is one of few artists to be chosen by the US State Dept of Music to represent America this year on a world tour.

OVEOUS’ KeyNote presentation combines storytelling, music, history on poetry bringing the whole community together. OVEOUS is a 3 time National Poetry Slam Finalist (2006-2009) who along with celebrated authors of team LouderARTS went on this consecutive run to the finals without ever losing a single round or bout. OVEOUS has made many notable TV appearances including HBO, Late Night TV & most recently on Good Morning America. He’s a multidisciplinary artist who writes and produces music and films when he’s not DJ’ing at a festival.

Writing Into Your Power A Workshop by OVEOUS Welcome to “Writing Into Your Power” a creative exploration in detox writing to help individuals achieve clarity with their goals. These goals can range from wanting to become a better writer to the amateur who simply wants to explore their inner creativity. The point is to write so that you find solutions for your personal reflection or to confront past trauma with the healing power of your words. Everyone has a gift but not everyone knows how to discover it. In this workshop you will go into your mind and heart as if it were a treasure box in the attic of your memories. In doing this you will unlock the things you love or despise and it will help lead you to what your passion is in life.

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