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Based in  Kansas City, MO


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Versatile Drag Queen Performer. Host, Mentalist, Magician, Hypnotist. Absolute Delight

  • TEDx Speaker 

  • Executive Producer at BLACK GIRL MAGIC KC

  • APCA Showcasing Performer

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Mysterious, stylish, and delightful, Miss Uchawi quickly made a name for herself in her local Drag Scene of Kansas City for her theatrical performances and show productions. Specializing in hypnosis, magic, mentalism and more, their versatility is remarkable. Wowing audiences everywhere this powerhouse performer has been featured on TEDx, done national commercials for Google, and has performed for fortune 500 companies and colleges around the United States. 


Miss Uchawi describes herself as a morphing magical, poetic being. She is glamorous, witty, and a firmly established comic queen in a league of her own. Continuously striving to break new ground for the LGBTQIA+ community while taking a more fabulous approach to magic, mentalism, hypnosis and so much more! 


When not performing, you can find the mesmerizing Miss Uchawi creating her own costumes and working on home renovation projects with her pets….. and shopping. 

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