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Lonnie Scott

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A dynamic speaker and trainer with an uncanny ability to relate to those he is speaking to.

  • Author of Election Day is Every Day


  • Political Activist


Lonnie Scott, one of the developers of the Leadership Voyage program, is a dynamic speaker and trainer with an uncanny ability to relate to those he is speaking to. Lonnie was a chief staffer to one of the most influential members of the Michigan Legislature before running for the State House himself. He has also served as State Communications Director for a National non-profit and prides himself on being a political activist. Lonnie’s passion for politics and higher education has led him to be an expert in public engagement and he now travels the country speaking to college students about the importance of voting and what it means to be a real leader. Lonnie has been called one of the best young speakers in America.

Keynote Program
Election Day is Everyday: The Campaign for Your Future Starts Now!

It seems that every time we turn around a new campaign is starting and everyone claims it is the most important we have ever had. The never-ending campaign cycle coupled with 24-hour media and our addiction to social media makes it impossible to get away from it all. In this program Lonnie will teach attendees about the political aspects of our own life and how to use proven campaign methods to achieve their goals. Like it or not politics surrounds us. Whether it is office politics, the politics of family life or really running for office the skills Lonnie teaches in this program are important for everyone!

Keynote Program
Make Your Mark and Vote!

The college vote is one of the most sought after and often elusive votes in the United States. We know that when young people vote they make a huge difference in election outcomes. As a campaign staff veteran, a former legislative chief of staff and former State House candidate himself, Lonnie gives a dynamic presentation about how important it is that students exercise their right to vote. Do you want your student body more engaged in local, state or national elections or even just to vote in student government elections on your campus? Want to discuss the current political hot-topics in a non-partisan and meaningful way? Then this presentation is EXACTLY what your campus needs. With one year until the next President is elected and with the record-breaking youth turnout in 2008, all eyes are on the college vote…will your students be ready?

Keynote Program

Leadership Voyage

Leadership Voyage is designed to offer advisors the best experience with minimal work on their end. Our motto is “We do all the work and you get all the credit." We work with the school in advance of the program to customize the schedule for the time we are together. Then once we are on campus we lead the sessions, breakouts, keynotes and activities. If the school has specific things they want or need to do we build those into the schedule as well. The curriculum of the program is designed to help students build character, confidence and leadership skills by focusing on their own individual “Leadership Voyage" in team and group settings. We do a variety of activities and keep the kids interacting and engaged during our entire program. It is an excellent program for new students to meet new people and existing leaders to gain new skills. Because there are two facilitators we can also set the activities up in a way that provides healthy competition for multiple teams if the school is interested. I would be happy to chat more with you about the program and provide more details or answer questions if you are interested. One final note, Steve and I have been doing this program for 10 years and on every occasion, with the exception of a few schools who told us they never bring the same performers, schools who bring us once bring us back.

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"We talked about voting and politics and Lonnie applied it to how we should stand up and speak for what we believe in or are passionate about."

Student Participant,

Sauk Valley Community College

 "Lonnie was an excellent speaker and connected well with our audience. He gave clear boundaries and that set the tone for a civil discussion."

Angel Martin,
Louisiana State University Shreveport

"I learned how I can get more involved in both local and nationwide elections. I learned how to contact my representatives and touched base on the importance of voter registration."

    Student Participant,

  Sauk Valley Community                  College

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