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A national touring comedian guaranteed to make your audience laugh.

  • You can hear E.L. Smith on XM satellite radio

  • Featured on Hulu

  • Featured on Amazon Prime 

  • Performed on stages all over the country 

Home State: California


E.L. Smith is a grade A comedian, and writer that has performed all over the country! A versatile talent, You can hear E.L. Smith on XM satellite radio or see him on Hulu, MTV and Amazon Prime. Based in Los Angeles he has performed regularly at The World Famous Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and Hollywood Improv. E.L Smith approaches the mic with a fearless fun attitude that will leave audiences wanting more.


His confidence onstage helps him ease his way through a number of diverse topics, for this reason E.L has been a finalist and winner in many comedy competitions, such as the Burbank comedy Festival, San Diego comedy Festival and South Florida’s funniest.

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