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david hall

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An unpredictable show gives a truly unique experience for the hypnotized participants as well as the audience.

  • NACA Showcasing Artist

  • Specialized training in stage hypnosis

  • Training in improv comedy from Boston's famous Improv Asylum 


Hypnotist and Magician/Mentalist David Hall performs 2 amazing shows, a comedy hypnosis show as well as a magic/mind reading Show. David typically books over 250 engagements a year and has been entertaining audiences since 1998. Superstars and VIP’s engage David to perform at their exclusive events. His client list includes celebrities such as Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones; Red Sox’s owner John Henry, as well as many theaters, performing art centers, colleges, universities, and fortune 500 companies across the US. David has also toured internationally, performing over 20 stage shows in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).


His magician/mentalist performance is a blend of comedy magic and mind reading, which results in extraordinary and unforgettable performances. His comedy hypnosis show is an interactive show in which your guests will truly be the stars of the show. In addition to making your guest the stars of the show what makes David’s comedy hypnosis show truly unique is he is a multi-dimensional entertainer who has extensive experience in many aspects of the performing arts. The theatrical aspects that make his hypnosis show great include: specialized training in stage hypnosis from the Stage Hypnosis Center in Las Vegas and training in improvisational theater/sketch comedy from Boston’s famous Improv Asylum. In addition, he also performs a two-person Mentalist/Telepathy show with his partner Antonina. Given his extensive experience, he is a triple threat when he takes the stage to perform, making your event a truly memorable one!

“Students were absolutely blown away, extraordinary entertaining show, audience participation gets people excited to attend”

Western Illinois University

“It was a fun show, the audience enjoyed interactive element of it, very successful start to our semester”

University of South Carolina

“Everyone really enjoyed the show, we would love to have you again”

Xavier University

"The show was amazing, we would be glad to have David back”

Philadelphia University

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