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Do you know the highest-grossing movies of all time? How about the tallest buildings in the world? Guess the highest ranked options on the board and it could earn you some cash. Tipping Point pits two competitors against each other to tip the scales in their favor by selecting from a group of answers whose ‘weights’ vary greatly.

Each round, two people go head-to-head to guess the highest ‘weighted’ percentages of a chosen category. Each answer has a weight value that is displayed on the screen once picked. To add to the drama, the audience gets a vote of their own that could change the outcome of the game. Will your vote push your contestant past the Tipping Point? The person at the end of the round that has the highest weighted answers can tip the scales in their favor for the win. The winner now has a choice. Walk away with their $50 prize, or risk it all and walk away with up to $200! Their task should they choose to accept it? Eliminate the other dollar amount cards from the board ($0, $25, $50, $100). The last remaining card on the board reveals their prize!

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