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Dive into the future of live music with Songwheels, a band that thrives on spontaneity and audience collaboration. Featured in VoyageKC Magazine, their innovative approach transforms every performance into a unique, interactive adventure. Get ready to shape the playlist, influence the vibe, and become part of the show in real-time.

Songwheels isn't just a band; they're a live musical experience like no other. Audience members actively participate, curating the playlist via text messages, ensuring each performance is one-of-a-kind. From energetic dance beats to soulful melodies, Songwheels caters to various moods and occasions. Their dynamic lineup of talented musicians adapts seamlessly, creating an unforgettable fusion of music and audience interaction. This is more than a concert; it's a collaborative journey through sound. Join Songwheels and redefine your live music experience.

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