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Meet Sailesh, a certified clinical hypnotherapist who seamlessly combines wellness and humor. With programs like "Personal and Professional Wellness Improvement Through Guided Meditation" and side-splitting comedy hypnosis shows, Sailesh addresses stress and anxiety while also spreading laughter. Especially during the challenges of COVID-19, his expertise has been pivotal for campus professionals. As APCA's Hypnotist of the Year, Sailesh brings a unique blend of transformative wellness and entertainment, enhancing mental health and bringing smiles to audiences.

Sailesh, a distinguished clinical hypnotherapist, offers tailored wellness programs and uproarious comedy hypnosis shows, catering to both mental health and laughter. His acclaimed program, "Personal and Professional Wellness Improvement Through Guided Meditation," aids campus professionals dealing with COVID-19-related stress. A five-time APCA Hypnotist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year, Sailesh has performed over 5000 shows at Colleges, Universities, and clubs. From addressing anxiety, stress, and depression to inducing hearty laughter, Sailesh's transformative hypnotherapy sessions empower students with resilience and joy, creating a holistic wellness experience.

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