Poster Child

Disco Never Died

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Step into a musical time machine with Poster Child, an indie band channeling the vibrant spirit of the '80s. With infectious energy and a unique blend of covers and originals, Poster Child isn't just a band; they're a nostalgic experience. Get ready to dance to disco-infused tunes and lose yourself in their catchy melodies. Join the revival and groove to the beats that echo the golden era of music.

Poster Child isn't your typical indie band; they're a dynamic duo comprising Theresa Gorella and Andrew Royal. Their music is a delightful fusion of contrasting writing styles, resulting in quirky, cameo-inspired tracks. With over 50,000 streams on Spotify, their tunes have resonated globally. From powerful vocal lines to groove-based riffs, their sound captures the essence of disco's heyday. Whether you're a fan of covers or crave original compositions, Poster Child delivers an eclectic musical journey. Experience their lively performances at parties, events, and venues, and let the '80s vibe transport you to a dance-filled paradise.

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