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Meet Peter Bielagus, a financial storyteller, and speaker whose approach to finance is anything but conventional. With a repertoire of 1000+ presentations delivered to diverse audiences worldwide, Peter's financial wisdom transcends textbooks. His engaging persona and relatable style redefine finance education, making it accessible, entertaining, and inspiring for all. Get ready for a transformative journey into the world of finance, where learning meets entertainment.

Peter Bielagus, the acclaimed financial author and speaker, is on a mission to revolutionize financial education. With a wealth of experience delivering presentations to over 100,000 students, servicemembers, and professionals globally, Peter's impact is unparalleled. He's the creative mind behind "Money In The Movies," a popular YouTube personal finance show, and has graced publications like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. From keynote addresses to in-depth consulting, Peter offers a range of programs that combine humor, emotion, and practical advice, ensuring audiences from diverse backgrounds gain control over their financial futures. Campuses love his engaging presence, and his availability for keynote speeches, breakout programs, consulting, coaching, and mentoring sessions provides tailored financial guidance for everyone.

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