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Enter the world of Odd?Rod, where poetry meets raw reality. From tumultuous beginnings in Jacksonville, FL, he found solace in Tupac Shakur's verses, crafting his own poetry as an outlet. His journey led to over 800 cities, earning accolades like APCA Spokenword Artist of the Year. Odd?Rod's words resonate far beyond rhymes, connecting deeply with diverse audiences. His unique blend of storytelling illuminates universal struggles and triumphs, making every performance a transformative experience.

Roderick "Storyteller Odd?Rod" Borisade emerged from adversity, transforming his turbulent upbringing into powerful poetry. With a BFA in Graphic Design and Multimedia, he embarked on a poetic odyssey, captivating audiences nationwide. Voted APCA Spokenword Artist of the Year multiple times, his performances echo resilience and hope. Odd?Rod's TEDx talks and awards, including the Marsha Houston Award, showcase his impact. Beyond verses, he's a Gun Bounty Campaign writer, TEDx performer, and acclaimed commercial writer, expanding his influence and affirming that every setback can be a setup for a comeback.

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