Mitzi Sinnott

Performer, Educator, Activist

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Mitzi Sinnott, recognized among the "Top 5 Best Diversity Speakers in America" by Campus Activities Magazine, is a renowned performance artist, activist, and educator. Her captivating family saga, "SNAPSHOT," has graced stages globally, including South Africa, Scotland, Brooklyn, and her Appalachian homeland.

Through keynote presentations and campus workshops, Mitzi leverages storytelling to foster transformative experiences, navigating topics of racial identity, mental health, and the legacy of war. As the driving force behind All Here Together Productions, she facilitates crucial conversations on race and class, cultivating tolerant communities and shaping a more inclusive future.

Mitzi Sinnott offers three invaluable services tailored to your needs. First, her compelling keynote presentations delve into crucial topics such as racial identity, mental health, and the aftermath of war, fostering transformative dialogues.

Second, her interactive campus workshops create safe spaces, encouraging authentic conversations on complex subjects like race and class, nurturing empathy and understanding.

Lastly, Mitzi excels in guiding organizations through strategic planning, fostering inclusive environments by promoting open dialogue and driving progressive change, effectively addressing diversity challenges.

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