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Kitty Pineapple, the rising star of stand-up comedy, infuses her performances with the warmth of Aloha from Hawaii. Beyond the stage, her filmmaking background enriches her engaging social media content. As a regular headliner at Tickle Me Comedy Club, Kitty Pineapple is a captivating and versatile entertainer.

Bring the vibrant charm of Kitty Pineapple to your college events. Perfect for Student Activities Boards, Campus Programming Boards, Greek Life Councils, Cultural and Ethnic Student Associations, LGBTQ+ events, and more, Kitty Pineapple's act resonates with diverse audiences. A regular headliner at Tickle Me Comedy Club, she brings a unique blend of humor and cultural insight that ensures an unforgettable and inclusive experience for your college community. Book Kitty Pineapple for a comedy night that transcends boundaries.

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