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Meet Josh, the war veteran turned comedian whose humor transcends boundaries. With a background in the US Army, Josh brings a unique perspective to comedy. His performances, featured on platforms like Dry Bar Comedy, Comedy Central, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sirius XM, and CBS, have garnered millions of views. Experience laughter that's both witty and heartwarming, making every show a memorable experience for all.

Josh, the clean comedian, offers more than just laughs; he creates a night of joy suitable for all ages. His military background infuses his comedy with a distinctive edge, captivating audiences with relatable tales. Whether it's a corporate event, a comedy club, or a family gathering, Josh's comedy resonates universally. His humor bridges generations, making him a favorite for diverse audiences. Book Josh for an evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the kind of humor that leaves a lasting impression.

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