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Meet Dr. Joshua Fredenburg, a globally renowned speaker, accomplished author, and esteemed leadership/diversity consultant. As the President/Founder of the 'Award Winning Circle of Change Leadership Experience,' he empowers students to discover their innate leadership potential, fostering effective interaction with diverse groups. With over 14 years of transformative speaking engagements across 47 states, Dr. Fredenburg has impacted lives through dynamic workshops, training sessions, and keynote speeches at conferences nationwide.

Elevate your campus experience with Dr. Joshua Fredenburg, a distinguished speaker and leadership/diversity consultant. As the visionary behind the 'Award Winning Circle of Change Leadership Experience,' Dr. Fredenburg specializes in empowering college students. Through engaging workshops and impactful keynotes, he instills leadership skills, fosters diversity and inclusion, and promotes student success. With 14 years of nationwide speaking engagements, his transformative approach prepares students for the future. Dr. Fredenburg's expertise not only inspires but also equips colleges with the tools to nurture confident, empathetic, and capable leaders, ensuring a vibrant campus community.

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