Dino Vigo

Witty and Sharp

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Dino Vigo, a NYC-based comedian, brings refreshing stories, abundant laughter, and positive energy to every stage. His mixed-race background, blending Black/Latino and Russian Jewish cultures, uniquely influences his comedic outlook. A skillful writer and performer, Dino is dedicated to preserving comedy in its truest form.

Book Dino Vigo for an unforgettable comedy experience! With a minimalist approach and uncompromising wit, Dino captivates audiences at Comedy Venues, Festivals, College and University Events, Corporate Functions, Conference Keynotes, and Cruise Lines. His mixed-race heritage enriches his comedic palette, ensuring a diverse and relatable act. Aspiring to preserve comedy's authenticity, Dino delivers genuine, laughter-filled performances that resonate with audiences from all walks of life.

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