David Hall & Antonina

The Mind-Reading Marvels

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Prepare for an unforgettable experience with Antonina & David, the dynamic mind-reading duo based in Boston. Having performed for Mick Jagger and Fortune 500 companies, their captivating show combines mentalism, telepathy, and comedy. Their interactive performances make audiences not just spectators, but integral parts of an astonishing and unique entertainment journey.

Experience mind-bending entertainment with Antonina & David. Showcasing at NACA, their extraordinary performances have graced prestigious venues and events, from colleges to Fortune 500 companies. Mentored by legendary mentalists, their show features telepathic acts rarely seen today, adding a touch of Vaudeville flair. Trained in improvisation and comedy, they bring laughter and awe to corporate and college events, turning every show into a memorable and interactive mind-reading extravaganza.

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