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Meet David Coleman, globally recognized as The Dating DoctorTM, a charismatic expert in dating, relationships, romance, and sex. With a blend of candor and humor, David engages audiences worldwide, leaving a lasting impact. His accolades include 14-time National Speaker of the Year and the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Entertainment from APCA. David, the sole recipient of Entertainer of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine, has entertained and enlightened diverse audiences, from college campuses to military installations. Discover the insights of The Dating DoctorTM, a dynamic speaker who effortlessly combines expertise and entertainment.

David Coleman, renowned as The Dating DoctorTM, is a captivating expert on dating, relationships, romance, and sex. Recognized 14 times as The National Speaker of the Year, he holds the unique honor of winning Entertainer of the Year from Campus Activities Magazine. A recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Entertainment from APCA, David's expertise transcends conventional boundaries. With a charismatic and humorous approach, he imparts invaluable insights on relationships, making him a sought-after speaker, author, and media personality. Experience David's energetic and entertaining programs, which have captivated audiences at colleges, military bases, conferences, and more, spanning over 3,000 diverse venues worldwide. Based in Ohio, David Coleman, The Dating DoctorTM, is your go-to expert for engaging and insightful discussions on love and relationships.

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