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Discover the ethereal tunes of City of Pines, an award-winning musical journey crafted by nature enthusiast Nick Clack. Based in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, City of Pines delivers music that mirrors the region's raw beauty. With relatable lyrics and captivating melodies, their songs resonate with listeners globally, from the serene hills of Washington to the vibrant streets of Seoul.

City of Pines offers a musical experience that transcends boundaries. Their smooth, emotive tunes, crowned by Nick Clack's soulful voice, create an immersive atmosphere. From intimate acoustic sets under the stars to electrifying performances on bustling city stages, City of Pines adapts seamlessly to diverse venues. Their music, echoing the essence of nature and human emotion, captivates audiences worldwide. Book them for a unique musical voyage, where every note carries the spirit of the great outdoors.

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