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Hilarious Hypnosis: The ChrisJones Experience

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Prepare for a mind-bending journey with Chris Jones, the acclaimed hypnotist, comedian, and host of the prank series Double Take on Facebook Watch. With a knack for comedic hypnosis, Chris Jones has enthralled audiences worldwide. His unique talent has graced renowned platforms like America's Got Talent, The Steve Harvey Show, and Penn and Teller. Experience laughter, astonishment, and celebrity encounters under hypnosis in Chris Jones's unmissable performances.

Step into the extraordinary world of Chris Jones, where comedy and hypnosis collide to create uproarious entertainment. As a master hypnotist and comedian, Chris Jones has mesmerized audiences across the globe, leaving them in stitches and awe. His interactive shows, infused with witty humor and mind-bending hypnosis, are perfect for corporate events, colleges, and special occasions. Chris Jones's exceptional skills have been showcased on national TV, and his upcoming series Double Take promises hilarity and surprise. Book him for an unforgettable experience that defies the boundaries of reality.

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