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Meet Amanda "Mandy" Ralston, a serial entrepreneur and certified behavior analyst since 2002. A charismatic thought leader, she's founded two companies providing applied behavior analysis services, shaping the field globally. As a mycorrhizal influencer, Mandy guides aspiring analysts. Her latest venture, NonBinary Solutions, pioneers bespoke Clinical Decision Support Systems, blending history, technology, and evidence-based practices for impactful change in QoL, Outcomes, neuro/diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Discover the magic of Mandy Ralston's insights at your college! Certified behavior analyst and founder of NonBinary Solutions, Mandy transforms the learning experience. Dive into dynamic perspectives, embrace neurodiversity, and groove with equity and inclusion. With her wizardry in creating bespoke Clinical Decision Support Systems, your college is set to rock and create a world where every student shines!

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