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Discover Almost Owen, where Shawn Mendes' heartfelt lyrics meet Drake's swagger, resulting in a musical fusion that captivates the soul. With critically acclaimed singles and hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams, Almost Owen (AO) is not just an artist; he's a phenomenon. Originating from Massachusetts, AO's journey took him from jazz clubs at 11 to international stages, shaping him into a versatile performer and producer.

Almost Owen, the multifaceted talent, offers a musical journey that transcends boundaries. As an artist, songwriter, and producer, he effortlessly weaves emotions into every note, creating an immersive experience. AO's performances range from intimate club gigs to grand festival stages, each leaving an indelible mark on the audience. His music, exemplified in the latest album "Late Night Dangerous," resonates with authenticity, filling hearts and moving feet. Whether in a cozy venue or a sprawling festival ground, Almost Owen delivers an unparalleled musical odyssey that stays etched in memory.

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