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Home State: Colorado

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Anthem & Aria

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Mind-Reading, Psychic Stunts, and Fortune Telling

  • Showcase for NACA and APCA

  • Provides 2 Shows with an incredible love story

  • Mind-Readers, Psychic's and Fortune Teller's


Whether you are planning for a family day, a finals "De-Stresser", a Welcome Back event, Orientation, or a holiday event, you need stunning entertainment. Something powerful, funny, and memorable! Now your activity board can impress with empowering entertainment for your next campus event!

Anthem and Aria strive to bring top-tier entertainment to schools nationwide that unlocks the inner magic within your students, is clean and suitable for all ages, and has something for everyone. Promising Mind-Reading, Fortune-Telling Fun, and Predictions of the future coming true, your students will pile in to experience this one-of-a-kind show.

Driving attendance is easy with Anthem and Aria. Providing pictures, poster designs, and custom video to create a social media buzz, Anthem and Aria can also do teasers on campus and LIVE on your social media page before the show to raise awareness and fill your venue! On-campus entertainment is so important, and you need events that bring value and impact. With Anthem and Aria, you’re making a sure bet on a full venue and a huge standing ovation!

Show 1

Imagine what it would be like if your spouse could read your thoughts…


7 years ago, two of America’s top mind readers fell in love. Now, The Psychic Soulmates are here to amaze and amuse with their Mental-Magic show!


As seen in Las Vegas showrooms and on America's Got Talent, Anthem and Aria are well known for their unique blend of story telling and mind-reading. 


So join The Psychic Soulmates to see what being a clairvoyant couple is all about! You don’t want to miss this evening of magical fun!

Show 2

Anthem and Aria present an evening of MIND GAMEZ and tricks with your head!  


Anthem And Aria are Mind-Readers in love. They have traveled around the world performing in Las Vegas Showrooms, Cruise Ships, and even on America’s Got Talent. 


This highly interactive blend of game-show and mental magic has something for everyone and we predict you’ll have an amazing time! Prepare to have your mind blown!

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