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Think Global, Book Local!

Amir the Amiracle is based in Las Vegas, NV

Amir the Amiracle

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Hilarious. Unforgettable. Comedy at its finest

  • Performances at The World Series of Comedy (Finalist), Big Pine Comedy Festival, Arizona, San Diego Comedy Festival (Semi-Finalist), San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival, Winner - US Comedy Competition

  • As Seen On TLC, Style by Jury Game Show Network, Common Knowledge with Joey Fatone Nickelodeon, Wild n Crazy Kids


Amir the Amiracle is an exceptionally talented and innovative comedian, renowned for his unique blend of Black and Arabic humor. With an infectious, goofy energy, he captivates audiences with his brilliant punchlines and witty observations. Amir's performances are hilarious and interactive, as he skillfully serenades the audience and engages in playful crowd work. His uncanny ability to connect with people and create laughter that resonates is genuinely remarkable. With a style that combines star-quality comedy and an authentic stage presence, Amir the Amiracle leaves audiences in stitches, delivering gut-busting laughs that are simply unforgettable.

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"This kid is hilarious! HOOOH YEAAH!! Amiracle opens up for me sometimes and always kills it!"

-Craig Robinson

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