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the gram

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An Instagram based comedy game show

  • Monthly show at Teehee’s Comedy Club

  • Performed at Beast Village Comedy Festival

  • Boss Comedy Club and other venues throughout the Midwest


The Gram Comedy Show is an Instagram-based comedy game show. The Gram plays five different rounds based on parts of Instagram. For example, the caption round is where contestants are given a photo or video, and they caption it like it’s their own. There is also the selfie round where the contestants go and take a selfie. The Gram has a wide variety of rounds to choose from so each show is unique to that audience.

After each contestant goes, Mohamed, Sean, and the special guest judge give the contestants a 0-10 score adding up for their total score. At the end of each round, the audience votes on who they thought won that round for an extra five bonus points to the audience’s favorite. Whoever ends up with the most points at the end of five rounds is the winner of The Gram. During specific rounds, the audience can comment on the posts, and the judges will read off their favorites.

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