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Text Breakers

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Nothing brings students together like trying to beat another team at trivia and the pros at Text Breakers have it down to a science.

Text Breakers is the ultimate game show experience played live on stage with audience participation! Teams of contestants test their knowledge of random facts, draw funny sketches, perform improv comedy, and various other games. The audience can play along from their seats by texting their guesses to the host. The show has been performed all over the country for college students and Fortune 500 companies!

Text Breakers is hosted by quick-witted Steve Silverberg, whose comedic timing and improvisational skills keep the show full of laughter!

​Live, Livestreamed, or Hybrid, Text Breakers hosts an energetic, 60-minute text message game show that is fun for every team competing. Designed to bring students out of their comfort zones, Text Breakers plays hilarious texting games and competitions similar to popular TV game shows and spans more genres than just trivia. The audience plays throughout the event by guessing through texts that are displayed for everyone to see.​ There are games based on drawing, improv acting, and so much more.


Events have been previously hosted around the country for smaller crowds all the way up to large auditoriums full of hundreds of students! Regardless of the size, the same level of intensity and excitement is felt as you’ll see when Text Breakers comes to your campus.

"Steve was a great host! He did a great job interacting with the students and brought along humor to add to the show. It was a fantastic program that I will be recommending to my colleagues at other IU campuses."

-Indiana University


Text Breakers was phenomenal!  Our students, faculty, staff had a wonderful time as did Steve.  My coworkers and I are still reminiscing on the time we had"

- Johnson & Wales University

I wanted to share with you that we had an extremely positive response from people who came to your event! Going virtual has been a hard sell – both to the student body and to my student leaders being asked to plan virtual – but you really set the bar high with showing that virtual offerings can be entertaining, immersive, engaging, and something they actually DO want to do. They were skeptical, and they’re still holding virtual a little bit at arm’s length because they don’t want to embrace it forever, but now they’re good with it being our MO for now.

- Utah Valley University


The Text Breakers event was honestly super cool! I think that the students really enjoyed the change of pace in the different game modes and how interactive it all felt. This was a super creative way to keep students involved and we thought is was really fun!

-North Dakota State University 

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From the Makers of Text Breakers, check out their latest offering!

Acting Down the Line!


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How Long is the Show?

  • Approximately 60 minutes

How Long Does it Take to Set Up and Tear Down?

  • Text Breakers will arrive 45-60 minutes before the show begins. Our setup is quiet so we will not disrupt or disturb anything happening. It should take about 30 minutes to break down the show.

Are there restrictions on what type of venue/room you need to play?

  • There should be minimal obstructions in the space so your guests can see the front of the room comfortably.

  • Additionally, the performance area should be in a private space to avoid interference. 

How many people or teams can play at once?

  • We currently have 10 game show buzzers which will allow up to 10 teams to play at a time. You can divide the guests into any size team.

Can the show content be customized?

  • Every show can be customized to fit any theme or topic. For example: if you want to make the show about a specific event including a birthday or or anniversary celebration.

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