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Drag Trivia with Ms. uchawi

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It's All About The Body, Mind and Spirit!

  • Showcases for APCA and NACA

Anthem and Aria

Looking for entertainment that is fun, easy, personal, and memorable? Anthem and Aria are foremost experts on entertaining psychic readings. No doom or gloom, only impossible insight and illuminating inspiration brought on by infallible intuition.

Anthem and Aria create an atmosphere of mystery and excitement at all kinds of events. Their readings will break the ice, give everyone something amazing to talk about and keep your event flowing smoothly.

Your guests will thank you for giving them this once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

Heather Rogers

Heather’s fun, energizing Mind Reading programs empower audiences to test out their mental mojo and push the limits of their brainpower. This ‘mind-play’ will put them into an ecstatic state that is inspirational and quite often, transformational.

Heather has performed Mentalism programs at these major Las Vegas events: “MindVention”, “Magic & Meaning” and “Magic Live”.

As technological brain drain increases, the need for mystery and enchantment increases. Heather’s special brand of Mind-Magic and Consciousness-Hacking leave audiences with a sense of joy, happiness and fundamental well-being.

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