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Award-Winning Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Sailesh is helping students thrive with his popular wellness programs that are tailored to fit their needs. Sailesh's program, “Personal and Professional Wellness Improvement Through Guided Meditation” has already shown promising results in helping campus professionals deal with COVID-19 related stress and anxiety.

Sailesh is one of the most booked hypnotists in the college and university market. Not only is Sailesh APCA's current Hypnotist of the Year, but he has also won Hypnotist of the Year 4 times in the last 7 years and has been awarded Entertainer of the Year. SAILESH has performed a staggering 5000+ shows at Colleges, Universities, and clubs, many with repeated bookings.

During a live performance, Sailesh makes audience members the stars of the show, taking the entire audience on a journey using hypnosis, improv, music, and interactivity to create a whole lot of laughter and a ton of fun!

Limitless: Building a Better You!

Tap into your infinite supply of potential. Sharpen the mind. Perform better.

Attend the featured workshop with the world-renowned and award-winning hypnotist, Sailesh. This is the perfect opportunity to renew and bolster your drive, reduce pressure and get you to where you want to be! Using proven mindful meditation, visualization, and affirmations techniques, you have an opportunity to build a better you.

In preparation for the workshop, start by creating a positive mindset, and pick from the following list of inner work areas that you want to focus on.

  • Mental Wellness / Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

  • Improve Concentration Levels / Mental Focus

  • Information Memorization and Retention

  • Stress-Free Exam Taking / Improved Test Score

  • Confidence

  • Motivation / Visualize Success

  • Self-Esteem / Self-Compassion Empathy for Self and Others

  • Adapting to Circumstances / Those things that are not in your control

  • Resiliency

  • Decision-Making Skills

  • Pick from the above or pick your own

Take the learnings wherever you go from now till the day you graduate and beyond. Bonus! The techniques will help you have the best sleep ever!

Futurism - An Exploration of Your Future Self

Welcome to your new self. Think big, think better. You can shape your future in the way you want. With award-winning hypnotist, Sailesh as the guide, participants have a unique opportunity to open their minds and be given the power to shape their future. Explore all the wonder that is you. Bonus - Have the best sleep ever!

In preparation for the workshop, start by creating a positive mindset, and pick from the following list of inner work areas that you want to focus on.

  • Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Faith in Self

  • Success and Favorable Outcomes

  • Self-Compassion / Empathy for Self and Others

  • Resiliency and Adapting to Circumstances / Working Through Those Situations That Are Not In Your Control

  • Renewing Passion, Interest, and Enthusiasm and Moving Away From Apathy

  • Create Your Own

By the end of this workshop, participants will

  • Feel More Confident and Have Faith What They are Capable Of

  • Have Foresight To Achieve their Goals

  • Have Greater Resiliency

  • Feel Passion, Interest, and Enthusiasm and Walk Away From Apathy

  • The Best Sleep Ever!

Pick Your Own Topic

  • Self Hypnosis, Mental Wellness & Meditation

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Depression

  • PTSD

  • Decision making and critical thinking

  • Improve concentration levels / mental focus

  • Information memorization and retention

  • Motivation / Visualize Success

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Positive Body Image

  • Compassion and Empathy for self and others

  • Resiliency and Perseverance

  • Soft Skills

  • Overcoming Addiction

  • Creativity and Inspiration

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