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Mitzi Sinnott

What's In a Label?

Many stories - one campus, means there are many assumptions. Carmen Mitzi’s approach to diversity & equity starts with individual stories using her personal story as multiracial women from Central Appalachia to pop-off brave conversation about the cross-cultural, cross-class, cross-gender dynamic negotiations many of us face daily. Her work with your students and staff is must in order to achieve your 2022 anti-racism and gender equity goals on campus. Your students are ready, are you?

Program Outline:

-Students and staff explore the layers of their true identities and develop their own personal narratives as a tool to meet goals, heal wounds and connect with others.

-Discussion, writing, drawing, and movement are used to reach these layers that show our common ground is rich soil to plant seeds for acceptance and growth.

-A blend of inspiring words, engaging performance, and interactive learning transcends the institutional space.

Individual voices are honored by using topics from their concerns as conversational points in an inviting space.

Program Outcomes:

establish deeper connections among students and staff, satisfy student’s desire to address the issues of our time, minimize future challenges around race, class, and gender on campus, and critical thinking.

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