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Heather Rogers

Cybersecurity Awareness Program “Cyber Secrets Revealed!”

This live or virtual program is the ONLY keynote in the industry that uses comedic satire to increase Cybersecurity Awareness, improve Productivity and increase Innovative Thinking using “Mind-Hack” puzzles and brain-teasers. Magic-as-metaphor is fused into this written-for-you program from a "Digita, North America’s most notorious female Cyber Hacker”. This is a fun, educational program for innovatives, creatives, & digital-natives!

PROBLEMS SOLVED by Heather’s "Cyber Secrets Revealed" program:
  • Learn about key cyber threats and common hacks such as Clickjacking, Man-in-the-Middle Attack, DNS Spoofing, Cross-site Scripting, Macro Malware, Browser Lockers, SQL Injection, Credential Reuse, Ads Bait-and-switch, and IoT Infected Devices.

  • Learn 16 specific ways you can protect your networks such as Full Disk Encryption, Two-factor Authentication, Password Managers, Virtual Private Networks, 8 types of Firewalls, Anti-virus Software, and what to do when you are hacked.

  • Information overload can contribute to a lack of retention and the overall stress level of attendees. This high-energy program is a fun, engaging way to inject levity into an information-packed agenda.

  • Bio-Hacking is the fastest growing global threat. As an Epigenetics Human Optimization Coach, Heather reveals to the latest developments in Genomics and Genetics to help fight the biohazards of today and tomorrow.

  • Looking at cybercrime from INSIDE the mind of a hacker offers a fresh vantage point to help experts in setting traps.

  • Comedy, Magic, and High Tech Gadgetry are strategically used to anchor concepts and increase retention.

  • The program can be delivered as a stand-alone keynote, team building, or emcee program. In addition, customizable icebreakers and activations can be added to help attendees “Meet their inner Cyber Hero” while “Profiling the worst Cyber Villain.”

  • Having a lovely, tech-savvy female Cyber Hacker on the agenda will result in a more diverse, dynamic program and create fresh buzz around your meeting. (Photo and video assets are available to help in promoting the program.)

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