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David Coleman

Your One Stop Shop to All Year Leadership Programs

David’s most requested Orientation and Welcome Week programs include:

• Building Your Nation! Give David one to two hours with all your new students and watch the magic happen! Through a serious of interactive exercises, designed to build upon one another, barriers will disappear, and a selfless, inclusive bond will form develop between students, who mere minutes ago, may have been total strangers. The transformation is remarkable, and the impact is immeasurable.

• Creating One Heartbeat! is designed to unify and strengthen the mindset and skill set of the primary student leaders responsible for orienting your new students and helping them acclimate to college life. It is 1/3 leadership development, 1/3 relationship development and 1/3 adopting a unified approach that will positively impact new students and their families for years to come. It is a highly engaging and exciting program that students willingly embrace.

• The Art of College Parenting: Navigating Uncharted Waters! This is one of David’s most highly requested and highly evaluated programs. Parents and family’s fears are alleviated, their most pressing questions are answered, and they learn the essential components necessary to form a successful partnership with their student to increase their chance for success and satisfaction in college and beyond. It is humorous, poignant, and relevant to the challenges families are facing.

• Leave No Doubt! In Your Academics, Involvements and in Life! Leave No Doubt is designed to be an exciting and engaging opening keynote or convocation for all your new students. It will instill the notion of choosing courage over fear and explain how developing resilience and courageous mental muscle memory will help them sprint out of the starting gate into an exciting college career. David will promote getting involved on campus and explain why it matters. An adapted version of this program is also available specifically for your student athletes and your Greeks.

• A Candid Conversation with The Dating Doctor: Dating and Relating in a Title IX World! The landscape of dating, relating and befriending others, literally changes daily. In a candid, inclusive and humorous way, David will address making true friends, forming relationships that stand the test of time, consent, asexuality, and how to survive the ups and downs of collegiate life by being prepared to handle relationship challenges as they arise. This program has been presented on hundreds of campuses nationwide to rave reviews.

• Creating Sensational Sophomores! Sophomores sometimes struggle to define themselves. We focus on orienting incoming students to succeed and attend to our seniors with Capstone experiences who are transitioning on to their next opportunity, but sophomores sometimes flounder as they search for where they fit in and how. This highly interactive and engaging program, specifically designed for second year students, will help them understand their unique role on campus and why they are so incredibly important to the overall campus climate, energy, and sense of community.

Simply pick and choose from these exciting multiple options to create the perfect overall orientation experience you are looking to offer!

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