Akeem Olaj

Political Statement of existing, A key to Resilience Writing Workshop

Akeem Olaj Workshop

Political Statement of Existing A Key To Resilience (5 Min)

How Writing In Of Itself Is a Political Statement (5 Min) This works as a discussion with the people attending the workshop, a way to get their minds thinking.

First Ice Breaker (10 Min) Every Participant takes out a piece of paper and write any topic they want, we put them all in a bowl, pick one (can't be your own topic)

Free Write (10 Min) While they work to get their mind working Akeem defines resilience, what does it mean to fight? What does it mean to survive? Is there a difference? Won’t You Celebrate With Me Lucille Clifton, 1936 - 2010 Poem will be read. What does it mean to bounce back? What is your story about resilience?

Akeem Shares ways they can write their stories. Personification of self Timeline What was the end result? What was the cause? Why did it succeed?How do you fight it? Does the fight ever end? Reading of Twerking as a Radical Act Of Healing By: Danez Smith

Free Write Share (10 Min)

Reverse Free Writing (10 Min) Participants will be asked to write their free write in reverse. (Last line being the first and so on)