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The Musical Chef James Bailey

James Bailey explores relationship toxicity and the dynamic between good intentions and emotional corruption in his latest song “Howdy!”.

“Howdy!” tells the story of Bailey’s struggle to remain emotionally open as he navigates his relationship with a Femme Fatale who’s intentions are not as pure, ultimately resulting in the corruption of his morals, and giving the same energy as his ill intentioned partner. Thus becoming the exact thing he hates about her. A collaboration with Las Vegas based producer DWNLD, Howdy! Merges elements of suave guitar, west coast rap and R & B to weave its narrative, that is equal parts Miami nightlife and indie movie.

James Bailey, attributes his unique style to his unique upbringing. Merging elements like jazz vocals, house tracks and West Coast rap Bailey describes his music as melodic gumbo that differs from track to track. His music focuses on what he describes as “Black Boy Joy” and finding beauty in the struggle.

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