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Orientation is a time to help the transition from high school to college/university life. It is a major change to students and the parents as well. Many schools offer orientation programs that include parents understanding the functions and responsibilities associated with students and their new life. So, it is important to also go with your children to orientation to get a basic understanding of what will be expected in college.


Attending orientation as a parent can be helpful to understand school safety protocols, and get to know all the resources available at the school. This transition can be stressful as it is a new experience for students, and parents wonder how the campus will keep them safe. You will get to ask questions and see everything the school does to keep students safe.


The best way to understand the campus is by meeting the people attending and other parents as well. Most likely there will be other parents in the same boat as well, so this is the time to get to know some. The more you feel comfortable with the parents involved with the school, the better the transition will be.


Students will meet many people their age during college and mostly through school networking and online applications. Many students will have some time to interact and possibly date other students so here is a tip from us. According to the Dating Doctor David Coleman, dating online is very normal and he suggests not limiting interaction to only one online network. As well, David Coleman has given advice about taking breaks with online interactions, and dating in-person as well. David Coleman has been the recipient of APCA's Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Entertainment. “America's Dating Doctor,” for the 14-Time National Speaker of the Year, and is the only speaker ever voted Entertainer of the Year for CAM’s Reader’s Choice Awards! More on David and Dating on our website.


During orientation you will get a chance to view the campus, and physically see the maps where students will spend most of their time and live. If they will be living at home, then you can get a chance to see first hand how student life will be. This is

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