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Mitzi Sinnott Inspiring Many

A blend of inspiring words, engaging performance, and interactive learning, Mitzi Sinnott’s keynote presentation transcends the online space. She selects scenes for her award-winning solo play “SNAPSHOT: a true story of love interrupted by invasion” sharing how the isms of the world affect the individual. This blend of performance and analysis with audience interaction sparks honest discussion of the cross-cultural, cross-class, cross-gender dynamic negotiations many of us face regularly, these negotiations have led us to a critical crossroad requiring dialogue.

Named in the “Top 5 Best Diversity Speakers in America,” by Campus Activities Magazine Mitzi presented her unique family saga “SNAPSHOT: a true story of love interrupted by invasion,” featured repeatedly on PBS nationwide, and on stage in South Africa, Scotland, Sweden, Brooklyn, and campuses across America. SNAPSHOT is the true-life quest of a mixed-race daughter from Central Appalachia who eventually finds her Vietnam Veteran father suffering in Hawaii. Participants affirm Mitzi’s Zoom talk including scenes from SNAPSHOT has the same transformative power as live keynote presentations, campus workshops and strategic planning efforts, using storytelling to reveal, connect and challenge.

Mitzi’s a champion of authentic conversation who effortlessly and respectfully navigates difficult topics, making her very effective on college campuses and why she is a sought-after keynote speaker for groups like Marshall University’s Women of Color Luncheon, St. Thomas University’s Leadership Institute, The National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, AFLV West, APCA National Conference, Dimensions of Political Ecology and Artist Thrive Summit.

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