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Metropolis Showcaser and Presentations Recap

Metropolis Management has had a busy conference year! Check out a recap of the AMAZING talent who showcased during this year’s conferences!!

Whew! The spring semester is nearly over! We know it’s been a monumental past couple of years for many, but you made it.

Before you know it, the fall semester will be here; that time of year always brings a sense of renewal. It’s an opportunity for you to build upon your legacy.

This is where Metropolis can be of value. We’ve got something for everyone under the big umbrella of student affairs and student life. Working across departments has never been this easy!

Several of our artists will be touring in your area!! Save up to $750.00 by being a part of the tour.

Pricing is good till April 30, 2023!

We are very grateful and thankful to all of you for such a successful conference year. We are honored that you trust working with us and enjoy what our performers bring to your campus.

Metropolis Management

Phone: 510-592-4327

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