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Jamming With City Of Pines

A music project built by an outdoorsmen, for those who love the freedom of the hills and wide open places. Founded, by Nick Clack, in the shadow of the Cascade Range, where the mountains meet the sea. This Award winning, Pacific Northwest artist, crafts music that exudes the foggy moodiness of the land, rain soaked soft greens, towering timber and dramatic emotional winds. The lyrics ring of adventure, loss, life and the human condition.

After 6 years spent living abroad in Hong Kong, Kyiv Ukraine and traveling to over 40 countries, one thing became clear…music is a shared experience that is multicultural. These adventures in the wilds of the world, climbing, hiking, surfing and the connections made inspired the collection of songs.

In 2019 after recording his self-titled EP , Nick was able to play Atlas Weekend, one of Europe’s most attended music and art festivals which was followed by a small European tour. The music is a reflection of the human experience, life, love, loss and everything in between. Whether you’re a college student or middle aged we all have the same basic desires: affection, acceptance, love and understanding. These songs explore that theme. The sound is smooth with just enough punch, and has relatable story-driven lyrics .

In 2020 Letting Go was won the International Songwriters Day 2020, Best Original Song & Music Video and was a Finalist for the Portland International Film Festival under the Best Music Video category Upon returning to the US, Nick spent 6 months “dirt bagging” around the western United States, gaining inspiration for the release of Fire in 2021.

In spite of the COVID pandemic, City of Pines was able to sell out multiple shows in the Seattle area. The music project can be a full production with a four piece band or can be stripped down to a solo show depending on the setting, venue, or needs of the client with a mix of original music and covers. From the big stage to coffee houses the music scales and connects.

To book City Of Pines Contact us!

Watch City Of Pines Music Video ‘Letting Go’ Click HERE

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