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Updated: May 11

New to booking hypnotists and need some guidance? We've got you covered!

There's no doubt that stage hypnosis is one of the most enjoyable and versatile forms of interactive entertainment. Everyone is involved on or off stage. From kicking off the semester with orientation and week of welcome, to mid-semester comedy and late-night events to year-end celebrations, Stage Hypnosis is a campus favorite.

How to Choose the Right Hypnotist for Your Needs

Take advice from the award-winning, world-renowned entertainer and speaker Sailesh, The Hypnotist. Here are 7 most important things to consider when booking a hypnotist...


First and foremost, you want to ensure a positive and safe experience for everyone involved. Finding the best hypnotist for your event is more than booking on the first name in your Google or TikTok search.

A professional hypnotist values their reputation and yours. They will perform with the highest standards of safety and ethics. They value critical thinking and will re-examine their work to ensure their content is relevant and progressive. They try to ensure everyone in attendance has a good time and leave feeling optimistic.

Sailesh says, "A Hypnotist should always take responsibility of their skits as well as possible responses from the volunteers. Conduct before and after the show, and content of the show should always be the first priority of the Hypnotist. Accommodating the current climate of being inclusive to the entire audience and creating a safe environment should also be taken to heart."


When vetting your hypnotist, confirm they have proper certification and performer insurance. To perform, hypnotists must be certified and have adequate performer insurance.

Sailesh says, when deciding on your hypnotist, a certified hypnotist guarantees the buyer a professional that has the knowledge of the mind and is aware of triggers to avoid adverse reactions. Having an insured artist also protects the buyer and their patrons.


Avoid the weekend warrior and enthusiasts. There is no room for a rookie mistake when hypnotizing a group of people. The audience's well-being and security are non-negotiable. A professional with extensive experience is equipped to deal with abreactions or crowd control properly.

Sailesh says, I have been a hypnotist for over 26 years with certification s from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy and the National Guild of Hypnotherapy. I also teach at the Mitchell Institute of Hypnotherapy. I have performed over 5,000 shows!


When it comes to events, one thing is sure - anything can happen. A successful hypnosis show depends on the ability of the artist to adapt to the audience on all fronts. The hypnotist is responsible for safely keeping the good time going and handling the unexpected while remaining calm, relaxed, and collected. A hypnotist's adaptability and experience go hand in hand.

Additionally, the hypnotist should be able to connect and develop a rapport with their audience, and their content should be relatable and timely.

Sailesh asks, can the hypnotist read their audiences? What happens when a volunteer reacts under hypnosis?
With years of experience, I can tailor the show to the buyer's request regarding content and have the ability to read the diversity of the crowd and know which skits to use to create the most significant impact.


A professional and experienced hypnotist will work with you to create a positively memorable event. They are pleasant, whether on or off stage.